What is the Bright Futures Society?

Bright Futures is more than just a student society; it’s your pathway to success and a way for you to clearly develop those essential key skills that employers are increasingly demanding so you are ready to hit the ground running come graduation, and you aren't just another number in the current youth unemployment list.

The Bright Futures Society, a not-for-profit, offers students the chance to engage with top graduate recruiters, enabling you to find out first-hand about all the different industries out there and the best way for you to take your first step on the ever competitive career-ladder. But it is't just about skills and commercial awareness, it's also about boosting your self confidence and raising your aspirations. 

The Bright Futures Society has been established since 1977 and is now present in 50 universities across the UK. As a student-led peer-to-peer network, every Bright Futures Society organises events and activities that are relevant to you.

Whatever career you seek, whatever you are studying and whatever year you are in, by being actively involved in the society we can help you get to where you want to be.

So if you are a first year, second year, finalist, or even a postgraduate or recent graduate, we can offer you the help you need to succeed. Just explore the site to find out how! 


"I’ve worked with the Bright Futures Society for around ten years because I believe they add value on several levels.

For undergraduates, involvement with Bright Futures builds essential employability skills,brings them to the attention of employers and helps them to network with like-minded students and graduates who have already started their
careers. It’s a great way for them to stand out from the crowd.
As an employer, we know that Bright Futures will help to promote our events and opportunities to a self-selected group of motivated and focused undergraduates. It’s reassuring to know that events will often have a
strong showing of Bright Futures students as a result of this partnership - no-one likes sending senior people on campus to give a talk to an empty room. As more employers get involved with school-leaver programmes it’s also good to know that Bright Futures has experience in this field.

The world of graduate employment is hugely competitive and becoming more so each year. If I were at university today I would certainly join Bright Futures to give myself an edge; for employers it is a chance to ‘do the right thing’ by investing in employability whilst accessing high-quality talent.

Definitely a win-win from that perspective!"

Iain Heath - Head of Graduates - Centrica and AGR Board Member


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